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Video Production Price in Helsinki: Unveiling the Costs of High-Impact Videos

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About Made in HEL Video Productions

Whether you need a partner to take care of your entire video production or you are simply looking for a local video crew in Helsinki, we can help. We have worked with hundreds of companies from Europe and North America, and we have the experience and expertise to deliver high-quality videos that meet your needs.

We use high-end camera, audio, and lighting equipment to create stunning visuals that will capture your audience's attention. We also have a team of talented professionals who can help you with every aspect of your video production, from scriptwriting to editing.

Video Production Price

Video production costs vary widely, and for good reason: each project is unique.

Depending on the type of video, the amount of work involved, and the length of the video, the cost can range from €600 to €10,000.

But what factors exactly determine the final cost of a video production? How do you know if you're talking about hundreds or thousands of euros?

Let's find out.

1. Video style

First and foremost, the video style determines the overall class of the final video production cost.

For as little as €1,000, you can get a simple, but stylishly executed professional speaker video without illustrations. These include interviews or live streams.

However, if you dream of creating a cinematic advertising video, for example, the production will cost at least €2,000. Scripted and illustrated advertising videos therefore require a significantly larger budget.

2. Video length

As you can logically conclude, the longer the video, the more expensive it will be to produce.

The cost per minute, however, varies, as a minute of live stream recording versus a minute of cinematic scripted advertising video are naturally very different prices.

You can use our price calculator to make a preliminary estimate. The menu includes the most common videos and their average prices, so you can get a preliminary idea of your video's budget.

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3. Script

Often, a script is required for a video (such as an advertising video), i.e. a detailed plan of the video shoot.

The more detailed the script, the more efficiently the shooting and post-production will go. "Well planned is half done" is therefore true!

The script for a video lasting a few minutes costs around €800. The price is also affected by its length and level of detail.

4. Locations

Is the video being shot in one or more places? Indoors or outdoors? In a rented space or studio?

These choices affect the cost of the video. Studio rentals, space rentals, possible filming permits, and the transportation of equipment and crew increase the video's budget.

Space rentals vary greatly depending on the location, but our studio rental costs, for example, are €44 per hour or €330 per day.

Video production in northern Finland. Videographer and director.

5. Size of the filming crew

The more professionals involved, the more costs will be incurred.

If it is a simple speaker video, then a director, lighting technician, or sound engineer are usually not needed separately, but a skilled photographer can handle all of these tasks himself.

However, it is impossible to produce complex productions with only one photographer. The size of the required filming crew is largely influenced by the lighting, sound recording, and filming requirements themselves. Depending on these, the crew may include:

  • Photographer

  • Director

  • Producer

  • Sound engineer

  • Lighting technician

  • Makeup artist

  • Catering

  • Assistants

So the cost comes from the salaries of the different professionals, as well as any necessary equipment rentals. Of course, the larger the video production, the more professionals and specialized equipment are needed.

Sometimes hiring more professionals can even reduce the budget for video production. For example, in large productions, it is advisable to hire assistants for the photographer and lighting technician, which will make the shooting go much faster. In the best case, the budget can save the cost of a full day of space and equipment rentals.

6. Actors

If the video production in question is, for example, a scripted cinematic advertising video, it is likely that you will need actors for it.

You can appear in the video yourself, but if your inner George Clooney or Julia Roberts is not to be found, it may be better to seek the help of more experienced professionals.

You can get a professional actor for your video for around €800/video, and the fees for performers with less experience start at around €400/video. Prices vary greatly depending on the number of lines and the length of the shooting day.

Although the price of a professional actor is higher, our years of experience tell us that a professional actor often ensures smooth shooting, which ensures that the shooting stays on schedule. Thus, the budget also remains within the agreed framework.

7. Makeup and hairstyling

It is important to remember that the eye sees things differently than the camera. The camera can sometimes make the skin look lifeless, emphasize wrinkles, distort facial features, or highlight, for example, the forehead's shine.

For this reason, professional makeup and hairstyling are an important part of high-quality video production. It helps to make the performer look their best, regardless of the lighting conditions or camera angle.

The cost of makeup and hairstyling for a video typically starts at around €240. The price may vary depending on the number of performers, the complexity of the makeup, and the length of the shooting day.

8. Post-production

After the shooting, the costs are made up of post-production and any associated special requests.

In most production companies, basic editing, color grading, and sound mixing are included in the price of the video.

However, in addition to basic editing, other visuals or special requests may also be required, which will incur additional costs. These could include, for example:

  • Illustrations (e.g., a visual call to action at the end of the video)

  • Animations (e.g., an animated intro with the company logo)

  • Voiceover

The prices vary depending on the complexity and amount of work involved.

9. Music

If you want to use a well-known song in your advertising video, the costs can easily skyrocket into astronomical figures. The more well-known the song, the more expensive it will be to use.

In advertising, permission to use music must be obtained from the song's publisher or songwriter (if there is no publisher). The price is agreed upon directly with them.

Fortunately, there are also websites available for smaller budgets where you can find free music for your video, even for commercial use. With us, all video productions always include copyrighted music with full usage rights for all channels.

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