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How Much Does Video Production Cost in Helsinki?

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Video production prices vary widely and the reason for this is the uniqueness of each project.

Depending on the type of video, the amount of work and the duration of the video, the price varies usually between €600 and €10,000.

But what exactly determines the final price of a video production? How do you know whether you are talking about hundreds or thousands of euros?

Let's find out.

1. Video style

First of all, the style of the video pretty much determines the range of the final video production price.

The cheapest price is less than €1000 for a simple, but stylistically executed, professional speaker video without illustrations. These include interviews or live streams, for example.

However, if you are dreaming of, for example, a cinematic promotional video, the production will cost at least €2000. So scripted and illustrated promotional videos clearly need a bigger budget.

2. Duration of the video

Logically, the longer the video, the more expensive it is to produce.

However, the cost per minute varies, because a minute of live streaming vs. a minute of filmed scripted commercial video are obviously very different in price.

You can try our price calculator for an approximate estimate. The menu includes the most typical videos and their average prices, giving you a rough idea of your video budget.

3. Script

Often, a video (such as a cinematic commercial video) needs a script, i.e. a precise plan for shooting the video.

The more detailed the script, the more efficient the filming and post-production will be. "Well planned is half done" is therefore true!

A script for a video lasting a few minutes costs around €800. The length and level of detail also have a big influence on the price.

4. Locations

Will the video be shot in one or more locations? Indoors or outdoors? In a rented space or in a studio?

These choices will affect the price of the video. Studio rent, space rent, possible filming permits, transport of equipment and crew all add to the budget of the video.

Space rentals vary greatly depending on the location, but studio rentals with us cost, for example, 44€/hour or 330€/day.

5. Size of the production team

The more professionals involved, the higher the costs.

If it is a simple talking video, there is usually no need for a director, lighting designer or sound engineer, but a skilled photographer can do all this himself.

However, it is impossible to make complex productions with just one cameraman. The size of the crew required is largely determined by the lighting, sound and filming requirements. Depending on these, the crew may include:

* A cameraman

* A director

* A producer

* A sound recordist

* Lighting designer

* Make-up artist

* Catering

* Assistants

The cost will be the salaries of the various professionals, plus any equipment rental that may be required. Of course, the bigger the video production, the more professionals and special equipment you need.

Sometimes, hiring more professionals can even reduce the budget of a video production. For example, for larger productions, it's a good idea to bring in a camera and lighting crew to help make the shoot go much faster. At best, this can save you a whole day's worth of facility and equipment rental costs.

6. Actors

If the video production in question is a scripted cinematic promotional video, for example, it is likely that you will need actors.

You can act in the video yourself, but if you can't find your inner George Clooney or Julia Roberts, it may be better to enlist the help of more experienced professionals.

You can get a professional actor for your video for around €800/video and less experienced actors start at around €400/video. Prices vary a lot depending on the number of lines and the length of the shoot.

Although the price of a professional actor is higher, with years of experience we can say that a professional actor often guarantees a smooth shoot which allows you to keep the shoot on schedule. This also keeps the budget within the agreed limits.

7. Make-up and hair stylist

Let's not forget that the eye sees things differently to the camera. The camera can sometimes make the skin look lifeless, emphasise wrinkles, distort facial features, or highlight the shine of the forehead, for example.

This is why professional make-up and make-up application is an important part of quality video production. It helps to make the performer look presentable in relation to the lighting and the camera.

Make-up and make-up prices start at around 200€/video. Of course, more make-up artists and longer working days also increase the cost of the make-up artist.

8. Post-Production

After the shoot, the costs consist of post-production and related special requests.

In most production companies, basic editing, colour grading and sound mixing are included in the price of the video.

However, usually, in addition to basic editing, other visuals or special wishes are required, which add to the price. These may include, for example:

* Illustrations (e.g. a visual action shot at the end of the video).

* Animations (e.g. animation of an intro with the company logo)

* Voice-over

Prices vary depending on the complexity and quantity of the work.

9. Music

If you want to use a world-famous song in your promotional video, prices can easily reach astronomical levels. The more famous the song, the more expensive it becomes.

In advertising, permission to use music must be sought from the song's publisher or songwriter (if there is no publisher). The price is agreed directly with them

Fortunately, for smaller budgets, there are also sites where you can find free music for video for commercial use. With us, video productions always include copyrighted music with full rights of use for all channels.

In summary

Hopefully you now have a better idea of what the final cost of a video production will consist of.

A number of different choices, such as style, duration, locations, number of professionals and music choices, are the reason why prices can vary so much.

Fortunately, however, you don't have to make all the choices on your own. We can help you make the best choices for your video and your budget.

Do you have any questions regarding video productions?

We can help you every step of the way and offer a complete turnkey solution. Our expertise is already trusted by +100 national and international companies.

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